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"Laura Stracko... and Emily Bodkin (Helena), a spirited mezzo, made a hilarious pair of opposites- short/tall, confident/bewildered- so their confrontation in Act II ignited brilliantly."

- Heidi Waleson, Wall Street Journal  (A Midsummer Night's Dream)

"Emily Bodkin's portrayal of Gertie Gorfaddle reminded me of a combination between the Beverly Hillbillies' Mrs. Dryesdale and Cruella deVille.  She stole the show every time she brought her wickedly funny self on stage.  And even offstage she dominated with the running joke pratfall due to icy conditions."

- Matthew Falduto, 

(The Elves and The Shoemaker)

"... Bodkin has plenty of opportunity to show off her talents with strong singing and comic acting."

- Christopher Tower, Battle Creek Enquirer  (Nunsense II)

"Emily Bodkin also excelled as the club's harried proprieter... With her expressive face and ability to change tone on a dime, Bodkin was both funny and sympathetic throughout..."

- Rob Cline, Cedar Rapids Gazette  (Whose Wives Are They Anyway?)

"Emily Bodkin is the visual punch as Angela... She also has a big voice and a real flair for physical comedy.  She's especially hilarious on 'Burnin' Love' with a little help from the three kings."

- Diana Nollen, Cedar Rapids Gazette  (Honky Tonk Angels Holiday Spectacular)

"Emily Bodkin... plays a younger mother... with ease."

- David Burke, The Quad City Times  (Church Basement Ladies)

"Though Danko and Bodkin deliver much of the comedy and the show's best lines, each shows a more serious side in scenes that are as funny as they are touching because of the talents of these fine actresses."

- Christopher Nolan, Battle Creek Enquirer  (Dixie Swim Club)

"The second half is dominated by singing both wonderful and wacky.  Emily Bodkin as Sister Robert Anne, the tough nun with an eye on Broadway, pulls out all the stops for a schmaltzy, yet poignant 'Jesus Was Born In Brooklyn.'"

- Diana Nollen, Cedar Rapids Gazette  (Nuncrackers)

"Emily Bodkin shows the greatest range in the show, playing a character completely unlike the one from Dixie Swim Club.  Bodkin also really belts out one of the shows earliest and best numbers, 'God's Way of Sayin'.'"

- Christopher Tower, Battle Creek Enquirer  (Church Basement Ladies II)

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